Katie Greenyer

Creative Director

Totally obsessed with colour, design, Essex, dogs, gin, travelling, life experiences, good times, matching underwear and food without calories. Passionate, grateful and lucky to have such an extraordinary life. Oh and did I mention that I’m mad on dogs?
Collage of Katy Greenyer's interest photos
“Our world is fun, varied and pouring with creativity.”

Denzel Currie

Junior Designer

When I’m not designing for Red or Dead I’m animating and reading comic books. I love binging on YouTube videos and overly complicated Netflix shows. “If you are lucky enough to be different, don’t ever change” – Taylor Swift
“My favourite thing about working for Red or Dead is expressing my creativity through a brand that is interesting and unique.”

Josephine Walters

Head of Marketing

I’m a little person who can fit in small spaces. I like it when you get three cherries joined together. Marshmallows make me happy, angry bus drivers make me cross. I’m a born and bred South Londoner but love to escape to the country, pop on my wellies, walk through puddles and make myself at home in country pubs.
Collage of Josephine Walters's interest photos
“We have lots of giggles and lots of cake!“


Office Pooch

I love; rolling around in the mud, Baileys, mini cheddars, my holly and lill tween collar and lead (makes me look classy!) and running away from my mum to play hide and seek in the woods.
Collage of Evie's interest photos
“My favorite thing about RoD is the amount of treats I manage to get whilst laying under the team’s desk. Sad puppy eyes – gets them every time!”