Ageless Style.

Did you ever catch Channel 4’s documentary, Fabulous Fashionistas? It’s a MUST-SEE documentary following the lives of six strong, inspirational ladies with an average age of 80! 

What unites these ladies is their youthful attitude, total love of clothes (be it designer or things they’ve found in a charity shop), and their lust for life. 

NO botox, NO plastic surgery; these ladies have redefined what it is to be old. Healthy, active, thriving and utterly FABULOUS!  We are now seeing older models in the press (including Jean from this documentary!), as well as blogs like Advanced Style catapulting to popularity. May many more magazines (Vogue, we’re looking at you) use older models for their style pages and help break the negative stigma and fear most woman have of getting older.

We hope we look as marvellous as these ladies when we’re approaching our 70s and 80s (we’re starting with a sign by our desks ‘be healthy, not hefty as Jean’s morning runs put us to shame, HA!). So grab a tea and some bickys….oops, an apple and get INSPIRED on this dreary Tuesday morning…

Image credits…

Cover photo: Jan, our Head Designers fabulous mum!

Blog photo 1: Jean from Fabulous Fashionistas as shot by Channel 4

Blog photo 2: Sue from Fabulous Fashionistas as shot by Channel 4

Blog photo 3: Shot from Advanced Style blog

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