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Hi everyone and welcome to my very first guest post for Red or Dead. I am Siu, an eyewear journalist from the blog It is about eyewear, fashion and all things relating to us specs wearers. Some people think I am mad to have a blog dedicated to glasses posting articles 5 days a week but I firmly believe our glasses are an important fashion accessory. They can instantly change the way you look, if you think about it… they are actually the easiest way to update your look and something that have a lot of impact too!

I am a real fan of glasses. Being an eyewear journalist of course I have a LOT of glasses and my collection is still growing. The latest addition to my collection is the all new Red or Dead Mad in England frame! If you are not aware of them then you need to check them out! They are basically 1 frame with 4 looks because they come with three detachable magnetic eyebrows!

In this write up I am going to give my review on the Mad in England frame. It will take you through a typical day for me as an eyewear journalist.

My day can be very varied. One day I could be in my office all day from 9am- 9pm writing for various companies, working on my blog and getting content together for the MGAM Magazine (which is my own magazine). Another day I could be based at the office in the morning then come the afternoon I would be in London visiting different PR’s and looking at the latest frames. Often to end my day in London I have an eyewear event to attend as well.

I picked a day where I knew I would be the busiest so I could really review these frames and test out how versatile they are. First up I got changed and was based in the office for the morning. I thought since I was only based in the office I would go for the black brows, plus my dress was white so it created a nice contrast too [picture 1].

The first thing I noticed when adding the brows was that the magnets are pretty strong! The brows just clicked into place straight away. I gave the frames a quick shake just to see and they stayed put! The second thing is they made the frame slightly heavier and it felt like I had extra shade above my eye. Normally when you wear a pair of glasses you cannot really see the acetate above your eyes but with these you can. It does take a few seconds to adjust to them but after that they are fine. It’s a small price to pay in the name of fashion!

As it was approaching 12pm, it was time to get ready and head down to London for a meeting. I grabbed my bag and bright yellow jacket along with a quick shoe change (since the sun was out) then I was out the door. For my meeting I went for the marble effect brows that wrap slightly around the side.  I chose them because they looked smart but still very quirky. Whenever I go to a meeting I like my frame to stand out especially with me being an eyewear journalist, people expect it of me! [picture 3]

The marble effect also went nicely with my bright yellow jacket. Come 4pm the meeting was all over and as per usual, my choice of glasses made an impression! It was then a mad dash home to get ready for a dinner date with my husband. On the train home I knew what skirt I wanted to wear so I pretty much based my whole outfit round that skirt. Then, last but not least, the red brows went beautifully with the skirt! Phew! [picture 4]

So what did I think of the glasses? Well, they are definitely versatile! Often it is actually really hard to have one frame that fits all occasions. I hope by seeing me in different outfits and at different occasions I have proved to you all that these Mad in England frames are a good investment.

Normally I have to carry at least one spare frame with me if I know I will be out and about all day (just because I like to change my look). Let’s face it; it is not always practical to carry a spare frame because you have to carry the case as well, which can be bulky. However, with these Mad in England frames you can carry all the brows in the small pouch provided!

The frame felt really sturdy and comfy to wear which is of course very important! However, due to my Asian nose they did slide off my nose more often compared to my other frames that have proper pads. This problem did become a little more noticeable when the brows were added on but I guess that was due to the little extra weight.

Also when the eyebrows were added it did feel a bit odd at first because if you look up you can see them and it feels like you are in a shadow but after a moment you get used to them and will not even notice them. In the photos I have noticed they do create a slight shade over my eyes so in photos at certain angle it looks like your eyes are slightly blocked off by them. So perhaps they need to be thinner? That again could be down to where the frame sits on my Asian nose!

The magnets on the eyebrows are super strong you do not have to worry about them falling off. Once the brows are on, they are on, unless you are getting changed and get them caught on your clothes or like me, knock them off by accident. They will not just fall off under normal circumstances.

I personally would love to see Red or Dead develop this range further and introduce more brow colours and designs! That would be amazing! Like with shoes and bags (and any other fashion accessory for that matter) it is all about the choice while accessorising your outfit!

They get the thumbs up from MyGlassesAndMe!

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