Red or Dead Towers – Insiders

Let’s face it, the environment where you work makes a huge difference to your mood, mindset, productivity and creativity. We at Red or Dead believe that having the right surroundings and atmosphere not only makes us better at our jobs, but also makes our job more enjoyable! So here is the insiders view around our office…

Red or Dead is a mad, eccentric brand, and that’s how we like to have our office! Our showroom is where it all comes together. We use it to showcase our new products across all our categories – hosiery, shoes, bikes, glasses, clothing, bags – so that we ourselves know what’s out in the stores for you to get your paws on. Also, any new clients and partners can get an instant feel as to what Red or Dead is, and what we do.

We include our favourite archive pieces in the showroom. As we have such a rich history in the fashion world, we love to show it off, and it’s what a lot of people remember us by; whether it’s the famous ‘hell’ top, or the Russian doll dress. Our archive essentially gives the full story of Red or Dead without words, but through design and product.  Also, there is our beautiful show table with some items we have worked on in the past on display. Everywhere you look, you’ll see product or print!

Included at the front of our showroom are moving fixtures, and a magnetic white board. This allows us the flexibility to move samples around, merchandising our products differently season to season, or even week to week. Plus, we love having a brainstorm session, ripping, cutting, biting and tearing images out of magazines and sticking them up for all our projects.  Visually it adds to the showroom, and helps clear our thoughts from all the crazy ideas!… Then there’s always the screen for the odd powerpoint or two!

Old props, mannequins and magazines are scattered (but very carefully placed!) around, again emphasizing what we as a brand love, envisage, and produce. It’s all very high in colour, personality and madness, but that’s exactly how we want it. It reminds us of who we are at our core, and what type of person our Red or Dead customer is.

We love our showroom, and here is us sharing with you what we think is a great place to be and work.

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