My Glasses and Me returns with TURNING TEMPLES

Hi everyone! It’s me again Siu the eyewear journalist from MyGlassesAndMe. This month I will be reviewing another Red or Dead frame with “twistable” temples. When I first heard about them I was immediately intrigued because I have seen changeable temples but never twistable ones. Upon receiving the frames my first impression was what a clever idea! You can have two looks with just one pair of glasses and you don’t have to worry about pulling the temples out & changing them (like all the changeable temple glasses).

I cannot explain how easy the mechanism is to use. You simply twist part of the temple to either side and voilà, one changed temple. One side has the “R” from the Red or Dead logo in a polka dot design. The other side is plain in a light brown colour which matches the bottom part of the glasses. Personally I have never been a fan of frames with the brand logo being overly visible because I prefer an understated look. With that in mind the Red or Dead logo is actually pretty subtle because it is inside the polka dot, it works well.

The design of the frame is quite a classic shape with a slight cat eye feel to them, I liked them straight away. However, I thought it was a rather safe colour for Red or Dead and with the colour being a light brown I can imagine them being quite hard to wear for people with blonde hair.

As per usual with any acetate frame I get in the UK I always struggle with the nose area because most frames over here are designed for the western nose which tends to be bigger compared to the typical Asian nose. However, when I collected them from my local Specsavers they did fit them on me by adjusting the temples. I felt they sat on my nose well but after a few days of wear I have noticed it hurts the back of my right ear slightly. It feels like they are digging in. I will have to go back for further adjustment to get them just right.

I have been wearing my twistable frame for 5 days now and I have been twisting them whenever I feel like it (around 20 times a day because it is fun), just to test how durable the mechanism is, so far so good. They show no sign of getting loose which is positive. I know twisting them for a few days is not an accurate test but realistically how often would a wearer be twisting them? If the wearer twists them once a day then I have already covered a hundred days of wear and tear.

Overall I like the frame. Yes, I like them but I don’t love them. That is just down to my personal taste more than anything as I do like bright colours. Comfort is really important for a specs wearers and I know this particular issue is not down to the design but my face! Best thing to do is pop straight down to Specsavers and give them a try!

The colour was definitely very safe for Red or Dead and the pattern designs on the twistable temple are also a bit safe. I was hoping for some funky colours to accompany a funky pattern because it is Red or Dead. However saying that, this particular collection of glasses does tie in with their Autumn/Winter 2014 clothing collection nicely. The clothing range has a sensible school vibe so that maybe why the glasses are more tame. The style of them is classic so you really cannot go wrong, if you want to buy something that will last and work with most things in your wardrobe then I highly recommend them.

One final tip from me is while wearing them slick your hair back into a scruffy bun to really show off the twistable temples. On that note see you guys back here next month or if you want to see more of me and read what I get up to in-between then follow me on my blog or find me on Twitter @MyGlassesAndMe. Bye for now!

Turning temples are now available from Specsavers. Find your local store here.

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