Our top trend for summer is…


Its ALL over our new BANK collection so you probably guessed it, but easy-to-wear, loose fitting, and fuss-free garments are certainly the summer style trend number one. It’s mainly minimalist and monochrome, with flashes of bright colour, has a heavy varsity influence, and is crazy for crop tops and co-ords. It’s an easy trend that anyone can wear, and you’ll see it in the likes of both high street and designer stores.

Yes, there is lots of flesh on show, but please don’t shy away! We’re talking wide legged culottes, and wide cut crops, which make sure that for us ladies, it’s not too uncomfortable or revealing. Paired with sandals, or a pair of heels, you can glam it up, or cool the look down for summer. Minimalist co-ords in the sports luxe trend is a must.

In addition, varsity styling – with the likes of bomber jackets and letter prints – can add either a sleek, androgynous and mature look to your outfit, or alternatively a youthful and fun element to the trend. We at Red or Dead sidled more towards the varsity and youthful side of things; we have the navy and coral ROD letter print co-ord shorts and tee, along with the straight line dress in the same print – easy to wear, and an easy shape to carry off…plus the material is great for the truly sizzling hot days! Not to mention our oversized ‘R’ letter jumper, again, making sure we are bang on for the summer trend.

Although not too much in our collection, sheer materials, panelling, and metallics were key to the sports luxe look as well. Be careful not to go too ‘all out’ sporty, or you will end up with the ‘I’m off to the gym look’ – not necessarily a bad thing, but may not be quite what you intended!

We know we’ve ranted and raved about our products, but here is a good selection of them that we think will work fabulously if you’re after this number one, top spring/summer 14 look.

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