Amy Hunt : Profile of Red or Dead’s Marketing Exec

What did you study?

Fashion marketing at the London Met

A typical day involves?

Getting up super early for my commute to London. I check my emails on my way in. I work closely with a lot of different departments, so on an average day I could be working with our digital team on our content plan, to liaising with our press team about an up and coming press event. No two days are ever the same!

How would you describe your style?

I love timeless pieces with a twist. Whether it’s a black dress that has an unusual cut, or a brogue with a quirky fastening. It’s those little details that catch my eye. I also stick to black and grey! It’s my uniform.

Any advice for those wanting to go into fashion marketing?

You need to be passionate and work your way up; work hard and show willing (you won’t always get the glamorous jobs, but everyone has to start somewhere!)

I got my job by…

Being myself! I finally relaxed after several nervous interviews. But this one was different. I was completely myself and it paid off.

I can’t live without…

A good laugh! Laughter is the best medicine and we have lots of them at Red or Dead.

Best thing about my job is…

The people! We’re like a little family.

What does a weekend consist of for you?

A run. I don’t get time to exercise much in the week, so I try and get out for a long run at weekends. We live by the seaside, so it’s super pretty. Other than that, I fill my weekends with seeing friends and family and LOTS of good food.

If you weren’t Marketing Exec for ROD, you would be…

I’d be a pilates instructor. Totally addicted!

Amy Hunt, Red or Dead, Marketing Executive,

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