History Trip – No.3 AW14 trend

Disco fever? Garish prints? Mix and match, Pic n’ Mix? Swinging silhouettes? Exactly. Absolute absurdity. But really, we all love taking a trip back to the 60’s, 70’s and 90’s. Why? Because you could create any type of fashion madness you wanted.

In the Autumn/Winter catwalks, there were lots of A-line silhouettes, bright colours, psychedelic patterns, and tailoring; all key in 60’s fashion. However, they are brought to life for a 2014/15 fashionista; short mini dresses are given a twist by using metallic materials; bright statement accessories are thrown in; even more daring patterns are used, embracing a pro-feminism attitude. It emulates the idea that it’s never looked so good and powerful to be a female.

Very similar is the 70’s hints of style coming through on top of this. Still psychedelic patterns (although less flower power and feminine), much more disco inspired outfits (again lots of metallics and embellishment), and a notably more casual, overall look.

And then, to top it off, is the return to the 90’s (our favourite). Bright and bold colours – kitsch to the max. -, dresses over trousers, the bomber jacket revival, hats and caps, and anything you want to pair with anything. This season is for the strong and brave. Madness for madness. Finding inspiration in the unsuspecting.

Number 3 in our countdown is playful and powerful, as it refreshes our previous decades’ styles. Our Mr Foxy shopper, and retro black jumpsuit  are great pieces if you want to try and play with this trend. The key is to be confident in what you’re wearing. Be humorous, and go all out. It’s the season for standing out.

[All images from style.com; Red or Dead clothing available at BANK; bag available at Bagit.UK]

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