Here’s to 2015

Who read that hilarious article from the Huffington Post Online? ‘21 Things To Stop Giving A Shit About In 2015‘.  We loved it here at ROD HQ, so we’ve decided to pull a few new year’s notes together that we want to follow in 2015!

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Strong, not Skinny

Okay, so let’s face it, most of us would love to lose those extra pounds and be able to to squeeze into those size 6 jeans… But truth be told, skinny is slowly making it’s way out of the desired body image. Instead, there is now, more so than ever, the desire for a strong, defined, and powerful female physique. The likes of influences such as Jen Selter are having a huge impact on what it means to be an attractive female, and we love it. She represents hard work, determination, pro-activeness, and strength. If these aren’t attractive qualities, you better take a rain check! And what’s sexier than a good big bum?! Not a lot else.

So forget catwalk skinny as the emulation of beauty, but definition and power. Fashion sportswear has hit the roof in high street retailers, and there’s a reason. People are getting active, and by doing so, bettering their health, mind and confidence. Let’s get on it!

Timeless vs. Trend

Fashion and style trends come and go with each season, and without a doubt they also repeat themselves. But the key to remember for this year’s shopping list is ‘timeless over trend’. The way to maintain good style is thinking ‘is this timeless?’. You’d be looking at the cut, quality and colour. It’s easy to want to be fashion forward on the current trends, but if red is in, don’t just buy anything red; buy a classic cut garment in red. It’ll last you far longer, and be much more of an investment. Quality over quantity and all that!  Try it, and you’ll feel far better for a good piece of clothing and/or accessory you know will last.

Soul Sanity

So we’ve established we are going for physical strength this year, but remember it’s not just going to the gym which will do this. 2015 is about a fresh start and new chances. Physically, mentally and emotionally we’re having a good clean out. This means optimism, positivity and serenity (we know it all sounds a bit tree-hugger but just bear with us). The likes of sports such as yoga and pilates are fast on the uprise as they give you all the above; channelling energy into something good, something to help others and yourself. Often, giving yourself a break from something – whether a type of food, place, person or activity – can do you the world of good. It gives your mind and ego space to reassess and rejuvenate itself, and after all, it does tend to always be mind over matter. Any time you find yourself getting the new year and winter blues, take that energy and thought and do something good with it instead; you’ll reap the benefits for sure.

Social off Social

Don’t get us wrong, we love a bit of Instagram ,Twitter and Facebook, but we just want to remind ourselves of what being social really is. Living life through social media can be very risque, as you can often forget to actually go out and enjoy and experience everything that you share with others online. 2015, we say less online and more out and about. Go to a gallery for enjoying the art and creations, not for posting online. Otherwise you’ll end up viewing everything only through a lens. Plus, in the spirit of our Soul Sanity, we’re sure it’ll give your mental health a break as to how many likes you’ve received on that photo!

Take a Trip

 Ah travel. We love a good holiday. There’s absolutely no way its bad for you! And when we say travel, it doesn’t necessarily have to be one of these long gap ‘yars’ you so often hear about (although that would be great too), but even a small weekend break – whether in the same country, or abroad. From the UK, you’ll be surprised at how cheap and easy it is to get to Europe – and we really mean cheap. Alternatively, if its still too much of a hassle, get your boots on and go somewhere in the UK. It’s usually the of so common error where when its on your doorstep, you forget to enjoy it! (Yes,we are all guilty of this). But 2015, we are planning to see the sites and broaden the horizons, so lets get planning.


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