Red or Dead’s Top 5 Men’s Fashion Blogs

1. Mademoiselle Robot

A fashion blog by Parisian – but London based – Laetitia Wajnapel. Mademoiselle Robot has it all; fashion (men’s and women’s), lifestyle, travel, inspiration, interviews, and the list goes on. It’s a mix of urban and classic styles, so no matter what your taste, you’ll find something to suit. Its clean, cool, and concise in its visuals, and varied  in its content. Definitely worth your scrolling time.

2. Individualism

A group of seriously stylish guys have created a hub of menswear fashion inspiration. With lots of street and personal styling, this is an extremely well thought out and put together website. Very image heavy means that you’re never short of seeing something or someone that you can steal an idea from. Extremely fashion forward in style, this group is set for even bigger things most certainly. Covering a multitude of brands, this is one of our personal favourites, as it merges clean classic styles with urban and accessible artistry.

3. Fashion Beans

Fashion Beans is THE menswear fashion encyclopaedia. It gives such a wealth of information covering the industry top to toe, covering all types of lifestyle – grooming, hair, street style etc. They do great articles such as styling tips, and top 10’s, meaning that if you aren’t a big fan of trawling through websites, they make it easy with the basic things you need to know. Also, another great thing is that if you’re big into your designers, they have a special category just for lookbooks; and good ones at that.

4. Street Gentry

If you’re into lifestyle more than just fashion, Street Gentry is the place for you. Covering music, art technology and culture to a high standard, this is a much more holistic website for lifestyle. Absolutely love their ‘style icons’ section, as it provides tonnes of food for though. Put together by three different guys, all of a different taste, this is a top menswear blog.

5. Fashitects

Fashitects is a Red or Dead mad blog. Written by Toni Tran, he incorporates his mad style with travels, grooming, food, architecture and much much more. Lots of great imagery to quench your thirst for cool inspiration, its hard not to find something on here you won’t want. With really bold style, Toni grabs fashion at the head and lets you into his mad life and style. With a very classy yet urban personna, this is a great style blog to follow.

So there you have it, our top 5 of menswear style blogs. Even for you ladies, they’re worth checking out as they are great hives of style. Men; we salute you and your style.

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