New Designer’s 2016

Have you been to New Designers yet?

If you haven’t, you should…
I love the buzz and excitement of this amazing graduate design show. It’s always packed out with wonderfully innovative inventions, spectacular prints and glorious designs.

So, here are my top picks for New Designers 2016  seriously obsessed with Francesca’s stitched and stuffed hands!

1. Fancesca Jeffreys, UCA – Human Reconstruction, A 3D exploration transplants and cell memory theory. Love, love, LOVE  I need to get my hands on a hand…

2. Ella Robinson, Nottingham Trent – Bilingual, A witty illustrated insight into English & French cultural nuances written from the perspective of the French for the English half and vice versa. The way she uses bold flat colour is so interesting and humorous.

3. Thomas Knights – Tempus, The temporary recycled tent. After music festival season closes, over 400 tons of tent related rubbish are thrown into landfill every year  this is a great way to change that. You go Thomas!

– KT X

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