Secret Cinema

Secret Cinema presents DIRTY DANCING.

(No secret now!)

We enjoyed all that the Kellerman’s had to offer at their summer camp somewhere in a field near Leyton.

All dolled up in our 1963 get ups along with what seemed like a 1000 others. We learnt to rumba, jive and merengue. We, volleyballed, hula-hooped, drank cocktails and pretended we were the decent refined people at the camp, but as the sun went down the temperature rose, as we made our way to the dirty after hours staff quarters party; dancing turned in to grinding, gyrating and pulsating to some of the best sixties tunes the era had to offer! I didn’t want the night to end.

Luckily we were treated to Dirty Dancing the film so we could re-live the last 3 hours again! Brilliant night, I’d definitely recommend.

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