August 2016



Earlier this week I managed to blag my way into a very inspirational, forward thinking and informative talk at Your Studio on disruptive design. Something that we at Red or Dead towers are very happy to partake in. Your Studio took us on a journey of brands who challenge and reinvent the rebellious spirit to cultivate a pioneering culture. Below is just a snippet of what was revealed;  Ikea Space10; is challenging the norm by creating spaces that enable us the consumer to collaborate so that they can innovate. Everlane; are being radically transparent, matching clothes with... Read More


Ron Arad’s Curtain Call @ The Roundhouse

In fear of missing out I had to nip to the Roundhouse in Camden, to see for myself the incredible and spectacular 360 degree immersive film fest by Ron Arad . The curtain made of silicon rods cascaded from the ceiling tops like an alien spaceship in to the darkness of the centre of the Roundhouse. People within the curtain were laying down and taking in the film making. I would have loved to stay longer and see a whole film, but was on a mission – so had to leg it... Read More



Popped in to The Royal Academy of Arts this week to take a peak at David Hockney’s exhibition – 82 portraits and 1 still life. My last visit to a David Hockney exhibition was in 2012 @ The RA for ‘A Bigger Picture’ I remember being so overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the canvas size, the explosion of colour and the stunning serenity of the seasons. Although feelings for this current exhibition were slightly mutual it was definitley a special experience. – As I walked in to the room I was... Read More


Royal Academy of Arts – Summer Exhibition

The team at the Red or Dead towers had a real treat this week with early access to the Summer Show  – featuring interesting portraits by  David Hockney at the stunning Royal Academy of Arts. What a chaotic feast for the brain and eyes! We made our way through the beautiful galleries adorned with every possible medium of art known to man – so much colour, variety and inspiration. This years curator Richard Wilson really has put on a show for all the senses. My favourite pieces ranged from photographic moving faces by Jane and Louise... Read More