Popped in to The Royal Academy of Arts this week to take a peak at David Hockney’s exhibition – 82 portraits and 1 still life.

My last visit to a David Hockney exhibition was in 2012 @ The RA for ‘A Bigger Picture’ I remember being so overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the canvas size, the explosion of colour and the stunning serenity of the seasons.

Although feelings for this current exhibition were slightly mutual it was definitley a special experience. – As I walked in to the room I was overpowered by the colour and position of the yellow chair.

Totally fascinated by the subjects in the portraits that surrounded me on a rich red backdrop. Their personalities were depicted vibrantly and canvases carefully positioned in pattern.

The one still life came about when a sitter was unable to make their appointment, so prepped Hockney turned to what was available in the studio.

I really enjoyed this small exhibition and I found myself trying to work out what the subjects were thinking, why they choose the pose, their clothes and trying to guess what their connection to David Hockney might have been.

– KT X

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