London Design Biennale – Somerset House

Today I visited the London Design Biennale at Somerset House.

Bringing 37 countries/ territories together in London, with the Theme Discovering Utopia

My morning started with Sir John Sorrell in Conversation with Ian Callum, Currently serving as Director of Design at Jaguar,

Ian has been responsible for some of the most celebrated cars of his generation, including the Escort RS Cosworth, the Aston Martin DB7 and Vanquish. 

The relationship between footwear and car designers has always intrigued me and I left the mornings talk feeling inspired that his idea of Design Utopia was similar to mine;

Working in a team with like minded people overcoming design challenges….simple hey! 

My favourite Design Utopias:

India: Chakraview, This concept tussles between, local and global craft and design, tradition and modernity to an explosion of colour, a must see! (I could live in this space)

Russia: Lost archives of Soviet design; introduces us to never- seen- before unique archives, from 1960-1980 a snapshot of clips, slides and objects and the people who created them.

Turkey: The wish machine; I’m invited to write a note of my hopes and dreams and my Utopia on to a piece of paper,

I load it in to a tube and its shoots through a tube network across the rooms corridors of somerset house in to an unknown place.

Im left hoping that my Utopia becomes reality- but not quite sure where it has gone. A must visit!

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