Anna Sui

Anna Sui a Personal design legend of mine and her store a Mecca of many a purchase whilst I’ve been in NYC.

So imagine my delight when I visited the World Of Anna 

Sui exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum, Bermondsey street London.

The exhibition is Split into recurring reference points in Sui’s nearly 30-year fashion career.  Including Fairytale, Nomad, Victorian, Mod, Punk, Grunge, Androgyny, Americana, Surfer and Schoolgirl, On rising podiums, in a room that mirrors the aesthetic of Sui’s  Big Apple boutique (“the red floor, the purple walls, the black lacquered furniture,” ) and which is entered through an elaborate wardrobe door. Anna Sui is the ultimate mistress of story telling, rich in imagination and full of magic, so wrong that its right.

This exhibition is small but perfectly formed and I recommend a visit for her colour texture variety and maximalist attitude.

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