November 2017



“Have faith in your own bad taste. 
Get on the fashion nerves of your peers, not your parents – that is the key to fashion leadership” This quote by John Waters is the ethos of Polyester Zine Founding Editor in Chief Ione Gamble.  Polyester is a self published, Intersectional feminist fashion and culture publication aiming to bridge the gap of URL cyberfeminism with the IRL world. If you’re a fan of the visual style of Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari of Toiletpaper Magazine fame then you will love Polyester. The... Read More


Joan Cornella

Last week was the last day of Spanish Cartoonist Joan Cornella’s London exhibition at Hoxton Arches. And thank the Gods me made it! If you aren’t familiar with Joan’s work then you’re in for a pleasant and hilarious surprise. Some people fine his work “disturbing or flat-out offensive” but we find his unique brand of unsettling, surreal and black humor fascinating and insightful. If you missed the show we took some great snapshots for you to ponder over. You can find more of Joan’s work at



Our cultural day out lead us to the Summer show at Royal Academy where a multitude of unknown and famous artists alike  exhibit there finest master pieces. Pure mortals that don’t have extravagant fine art budgets (like myself)have the opportunity to view the price tag and make a purchase. I love this show for the variety, humour, colour, mixture of classic and contemporary and it’s non elitist nature. Highly recommend a visit although it will have to be next year now as it’s finished!


Stockholm Day Tripping

Day tripper to Stockholm on the Specsavers tour. Love this city. It always amazes me how beautiful the buildings, bikes, people and animals are in Sweden. Love the open sandwich thing. Why have to pieces of bread when one will suffice? So much more sophisticated eating a sandwich with a knife and fork. My specsavers audience seemed to be friendly classy and hopefully got my jokes. Next stop Denmark.



A flying visit to Las Vegas for the ‘Liberty’ and ‘Platform’ footwear shows. So many shoes Cinderella would have a nightmare. I love Vegas for the kitsch and the cheese the neon lights, the desert oasis, the fresh oxygen being pumped around the vast hotels and malls, the day night approach to life and the feeling that you don’t actually know what city your I dislike the addiction, the poverty and the dirt. Apart from that living the RoD dream!