Andreas Gursky Exhibition

If you’re a Londoner or near London, I highly recommend you visit photographer, Gursky’s, large ‘dizzying, high-definition’ exhibition at the Hayward, Southbank Centre. And when I say large, I mean biiiiggggg. Every photograph of his work is an incredible blown-up masterpiece of real-life situations delivered in an absolute unrecognisable, ethereal-yet-graphic unreality, combining scenes of man-made structure, often contrasted against epic landscape backdrops.

You could be at his exhibition for 2 hours, craning your head back, and still mystified, trying to work out what is actually going on in the immense detail of his picture. His use of colours bring a sense of almost-kitsch reality, brought out further by the almost-repetitive and infinite nature of his scenes that almost form repeat prints and patterns.

One of the photos I loved was his photograph of the biggest housing estate just outside Paris. Because of the way he shot it, as with many of his images, above – from an unreal viewpoint of the world we never see – as though you’re a bird sailing alongside it, you can almost see into everyone’s window without the usual human-site visual interruptions of buildings, trees etc in front of it. The detail is so sharp, that you start to look within all the details of the photos as though they are mini stories played out for you, each giving you a snippet into somebody’s life and personality.

I would highly recommend going to see it because it feeds the sense of human ‘window-watching’ curiosity within all of us, whilst address a view on the world you’ve never seen before.

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