Sorrell Foundation Masterclass

One chilly Saturday this March, the Red or Dead team worked alongside Kickers and presented a Footwear Design Masterclass at Wolverhampton University for the Sorrell Foundation Charity.

If ya haven’t heard of the charity, click on this link and wrap your eyes around this: We love this charity. Being big advocates of creativity, we have so much respect for its aim to inspire creativity in young people. The Sorrell Foundation believes that creativity can change people’s lives and make the world a better place – and we whole-heartedly agree.

Around 25-30 kids attended the Masterclass of their own choice, all between the ages of 14-16 years old. The university opens their door free-of-charge and the lecturers present free-of-charge as part of Give Back to the community. Loads of different masterclasses take place across the UK, but there’s only one a year in Wolverhampton which has a special ‘guest’ presenting the class. This year, it was us. For the rest of the year, the University opens up the college every Saturday and gives them classes in different things.


Their brief was to design a pair of shoes with the Kicker’s specific ‘brand’ and ‘DNA’ structure. Once we explained to them the ‘DNA’ they needed to stick to (essentially the ‘rules’ that give the kickers Highboot it’s branding and ‘image’), we told them they could go as wild as they liked with the designs.

I asked them: What do you love? What inspires you? If you could design a pair of shoes, what would they be?

The outcomes were AMAZING. Of the shortlisted, 5 finals will be selected, made, and put into an exhibition at Sorrell House – an event which takes place every year. Across the walls at the exhibition will be their original designs, with the finals being presented alongside the CADs designed by a footwear professional. Watch this space, the results will be just brilliant!