Adobe Summit

Adobe has really taken the design industry by storm in the past 10 years, becoming the industry standard across almost every area of design. For anyone that doesn’t know, Adobe is the company behind Photoshop, the program that makes everyone on Instagram look impossibly perfect. But when it’s not being used to give us everyday folk an impossible beauty standard, Photoshop along with the whole Adobe suit is used to create the adverts we see on the train, artwork on the cover our  favourite albums, designs for the clothes and shoes that we wear, UI (user interface) for the apps we use and so much more.

As a Design based company we were very excited to go to this years Adobe Summit. Summit is one of the worlds largest gatherings of industry designers and this year we attended talks by guest speakers Victoria Beckham, Anthony Joshua and Rob Brydon to name just a few.

Our highlight of the event was Mark Adams, Vice president and Head of Innovation at Vice Media. Mark took us on a Brutally honest, high octane and humorous session that explored the state of modern branding and design, and why businesses should transform to be experience-led. We must say it was a very eye opening experience and has influenced some of the ways we would like to engage you  moving forward.

Over all the Adobe summit was a brilliant experience and if you’re interested in design at all it’s defiantly worth a visit next year.

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