New Red or Dead shirts Coming soon

Red or Dead is back in a bit way this year and we are so pleased to announce that we are once again working on clothing. To start with we have designed a collection of three t-shirts that are a modern twist on our extensive and rich achieve pieces.


Tea and a nipple squeeze

Based on the Tchechnikov print The ‘Blue Lady” which was featured in our autumn/winter 1994 collection. What better way to spill the tea than over a nice friendly nipple squeeze?


Best Bitch in show

This shirt is based on an invitation to our autumn/winter 1995 collection. This one if for all our boss ladies. In charge, confident and strong. The only time please should call you a bitch is when they put best in show after it.


She’s a Speedster

Based on our archive of logo imagery we made an updated version of the Red or Dead speed collection.

Keep your eyes peeled for when this first collection of shirts lands.

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