Inspiration can take on many different forms but in our experience as Creatives some of the best inspiration comes for hearing other peoples stories. The OFFF Festival is an annual Festival Held in Barcelona bringing together some of the worlds best and graphic Designers and Artists for three days of workshops and seminars. This year we were incredibly lucky to be able to make the trip and take part in what was a truly eye opening experience. Some of our standouts were…


Hector Monerris

Hector produced a home made interactive short film for under £100 which opened up many doors for his career

Yoni Alter

Yoni went from small experimental projects to are briefs by popular brands by working with gestalt graphic design and incorporating popular characters and cities

The Design Kids: Frankie

Frankie Gave up several dream jobs to travel the world in her van doing workshops for graphic design and providing a moving space for designers to work.

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