A mini adventure to Iceland- I finally managed to tick Iceland off my bucket list. This beautiful country- with its volcanic earth, vast light and massive skies didn’t disappoint. Reykjavik is a cool multicultural fascinating city. Vikings, fish and were the earths magical wonders congregate. Must do’s are: Swimming pools- they love the water Hallgrimskirkja church- towering over the city. Worth going to the top of the tower in the lift.Puffin and whale tours out of the harbour. Saw loads of puffins – not one flippin whale! Haria concert hall.... Read More


Pink Floyd

The V&A certainly knows how to put on a show.. The Floyd retrospective doesn’t fail on any level. A psychedelic journey through time- starting with the bands meeting there hand painted white flash van, taking us on a journey in to the entwined lives of band members there relationships with each other. The lyrics, instruments and then to top it all of their social comment and theatrical performances. A must see not only for the die hard fan but for the non initiated. 


Anna Sui

Anna Sui a Personal design legend of mine and her store a Mecca of many a purchase whilst I’ve been in NYC. So imagine my delight when I visited the World Of Anna  Sui exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum, Bermondsey street London. The exhibition is Split into recurring reference points in Sui’s nearly 30-year fashion career.  Including Fairytale, Nomad, Victorian, Mod, Punk, Grunge, Androgyny, Americana, Surfer and Schoolgirl, On rising podiums, in a room that mirrors the aesthetic of Sui’s  Big Apple boutique (“the red floor, the purple walls, the black lacquered furniture,” ) and which is... Read More


Fashion Scout London

   One of the best things about being an established fashion brand is getting invited to look at all the exciting new talent. This Friday we went to Fashion Scouts London at the beautiful Freemason’s hall for a whole day to get our fashion fix. We were wowed by Angus Chiang’s eclectic gender fluid mens collection, stunned by “Krasimira Stoyneva‘s” bold prints and inspired by the self ware expressiveness of “Orange Culture” to name a few. And because we love our blog readers so much we took a bunch of exclusive snaps just for you, enjoy!


Mens Schuh’s and Boogaloos

One of the many perks of having such amazing product is being able to proudly launch them alongside the other brands carried by our partner Schuh. Our super talented mens footwear designer Danny and our lovely buyer James have done such a great job making our mens shoes one of the things we are most proud of here at ROD towers. We had such a great time at the Schuh mens footwear launch and we just can’t wait for our new shoes to hit stores very soon.



  On my 21st Birthday my parents bought me a book…called ROCI; Rauschenberg Overseas Culture interchange. In this book Robert Rauschenberg created a series of travel adventures in response to each location that he visited between 1984-1990. He changed the way I looked at design – Inanimate found objects, decoupage, printing techniques, the use of colour and space.  He showed me how to use readily available collectables to be part of my life’s scrap book and part of my work. So you can imagine my excitement when I finally managed... Read More


I’ll Be “Back” ;-)

So sorry that its been a while since I have written a blog. I have been slightly disabled (haven’t been able to walk) due to a condition called Spondylolisthesis (I can’t even say it) I think… that I had initiated this condition when attempting to touch my head on the floor in Hot Yoga and then getting trapped upside-down and then even more embarrassingly having to be carried out of class.  I can now happily say that I have had my lower spine fused  2 rods, a plate and 4 screws and I’m on the road to recovery… soon I will be back in our... Read More


Speed Painting in Plymouth

Fun start to the week with 3rd year fashion students at Plymouth University working on a speed painting Plymouth inspired print, that would be used for a range of swimwear. The rules were simple: paint in circles dots or waves to the colour palette I selected. Every 10 minutes the students had to put down their paint brushes and move 3 steps to the right and start painting again. I was a little worried by the work at the first (I must admit) but as the students circled their way... Read More


Fellowship of the Katie

We would like to congratulate our very talented creative director Katie Greenyer who received her honorary fellowship at Plymouth university this weekend. We can’t think of anybody who deserves this more and we’re so happy for her.



What a week!  Our beautiful shoes – spanning 36 years – have finally been archived.  I found out what Stella McCartney’s been up to at the KERING sustainability talk on Monday night, hosted by London College of Fashion #LCFxKering.  Then Tuesday night was a blast from the past as Monica Lewinsky talked about cyber bullying after falling in love her boss (Mr Clinton!) at the age of 22.  Still controversial, but soo interesting. Now I’m off to #NotAnotherSalon to – despite my lovely workmates requesting blonde – turn my hair navy!  Let’s see how that... Read More